.: Welcome

Welcome to The Obsidian Elite [FoW]. This Site is still under construction.

Join me on steam (bubbadixie01) Playing Path of Exile HearthStone, Diablo 3, WOW, Heroes of the Storm, and many more . There is a bunch of stuff to do so lets get to it. Feel free to join us on raid call

Update: 12-09-2014, 2:38pm

.: Games and RaidCall

We also play Diablo III, Path Of Exile, Planet Side 2, Marvel Heroes, and many more.Visit the Contact Us page to add me in many games and platforms!!! We have Changed to Raid Call just testing it out seeing what its like. Feel Free to Join us at Raid Call ID:5824194 .

You can also view my YouTube Channel for some gaming videos.

Update: 11-11-2013, 2:38pm

.: New Video

My New Marvel Heroes gameplay video

There will be more to come later. We are also on www.gw2guilds.org and the guild wars 2 forums.